Nightclub POS

Choosing the Right POS for Nightclubs & Live Music Venues

Setting the perfect mood and attracting clientele are critical to nightclub success, and modern business operations require advanced management technology.

Nightclub POS

A basic cash register or an outdated point of sale system are not enough in the modern nightclub industry. And choosing the wrong nightclub POS is an expensive mistake that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Why night clubs love Rezku

The Highest Reviewed Night Club POS Software2

Sip & Savor and Rezku to the moon and beyond

The support level is unbelievable. Sip & Savor and Rezku to the moon and beyond!

John Weeks, Owner, Sip & Savor, LLC

Ease of use and customer support is superior in this field

They responded with patience and worked with us until we were comfortable with the system. Ease-of-use and customer support is superior in this field.

Teddy Wilson, CFO, Trinidad Smokehouse

We are very satisfied with Rezku POS

The platform is very user friendly and very easy to navigate. Anytime I have had any issues or questions, the tech support team is absolutely phenomenal.

Dan Stoner, General Manager, Ghost Isle Brewery

Best POS Ever!

Rezku listens to their customer's feedback and is always improving its system. I will never use any other POS system EVER!

Tracey Lurie, Owner, Fratelli's Wood-Fired Pizzeria

Customer service really is number one

I chose Rezku POS because of how their support team treats me. Every time I call I feel like they really care.

Luigi Discioarro, Owner, Vesuvio's Italian Restaurant

It is so easy-to-use

I struggled with installation in the beginning but tech support was always there for me. They would really take the time to help me understand.

Tommy Choe, Owner, Bada Sushi

Best tech staff!

Tech staff have been easy to work with every step of the way. Absolutely wonderful.

Shannon Sykes, Owner, 83 West

Best POS system

This is the best POS system I've ever used. The cost can't be beat either.

Jess Milbourn, Jr., Owner, Devil May Care Ice Cream

Thanks, Rezku!

I can confidently say the Rezku system is great! It's really making a difference for us.

Kitty Lord, Office Admin, VFW Post 2420

What nightclub owners need to know about point of sale

What nightclub owners need to know about point of sale

Running a nightclub takes more than full-time attention. And there is a lot of misinformation about a nightclub point of sale. It’s understandable that you may be starting with some misconceptions. After all, that’s why you’re doing this research. Before you choose a new point of sale for your nightclub, let us address some outdated beliefs and misunderstandings commonly encountered.

"I don't like/trust iPads"

The plain fact is that an iPad is today’s computer, but built better and more reliably.

  • iPad is more secure — Fully encrypted and protects your business information.
  • Crashes are rare — Computer systems like Windows are prone to service-disrupting crashes.
  • More portable — Just try dragging an old-school POS around to do bottle service.
  • More affordable — New entry-model iPad has a 10.2 inch screen and is available for under $300.

“I don’t want an online cloud-based POS”

With all the data storage and backup requirements for business, cloud-based saves you time and money.

  • Unlimited storage — Automatic back ups protect you from data loss effortlessly.
  • Secure storage — Fully encrypted data fulfills your PCI and data security requirements.
  • Online management — Access POS settings from anywhere to get more done off-site and off-hours
  • Accountant access — Your accountant logs in and downloads the reports needed.

“I want to purchase a POS, not a subscription”

Software service subscriptions are the norm for business and provide the best service experience.

  • No extra charge for upgrades — Get new features immediately when they are added without waiting for “the next version”.
  • Automatically updates — Security patches and bug fixes released weekly for improved experience in service.
  • Customer support included — Get the help you need in service, without an extra service contract and a hassle.
  • The latest modern features — The nightclub industry moves fast. Stay ahead with new functionality and innovation weekly.

“I just want the cheapest POS”

This is the biggest trap you can fall into. “Cheap” POS systems are actually the most expensive.

  • High credit processing rates — Expensive processing fees are used to hide the true cost of many POS systems.
  • Extra costs for add-ons — Up-sales and add-ons stack up after the initial sale. This trick is used all the time.
  • Expensive-quit-clause contracts — Not happy? It’s going to cost you. Most POS systems lock you into a contract so you can’t escape.
  • Hidden costs and fees — On top of everything else are the murky terms and extra fees that show up at the end.

How to choose the right nightclub POS system

So how do you protect yourself from making a mistake with your nightclub POS decision? When will you know when you’ve found a good point of sale? The next step to add to your research is knowing how to grade a nightclub POS.

Top 5 key nightclub POS performance metrics

  • 1

    Speed of Service

    a. Operating the POS at your bar should be as frictionless and easy as possible. This is the time for bartenders to shine. Miss-rings have a high cost. Finding tabs can’t be a laborious task. Searching for cocktails or adding custom drinks all need to be thought through and well designed.

    b. How long will training take? Can you afford mistakes? Many nightclubs have high turnover, so the POS needs to be instantly understandable and intuitive to a first time user.

  • 2

    System Reliability

    a. Can you count on the equipment? Is the software stable or buggy? Orders can’t go missing or tabs get lost. You need to test it out and find reviews.

    b. Credit card payments must go through no matter what — even if there’s no internet connection. Reliable card readers are a must.

    c. Would you trust your bar to no-name printers or off-brand tablets when the club is packed and the bar is stacked 5 deep 360 degrees? Where are they sourcing the equipment you’re buying?

  • 3


    a. Do you have control of the POS or is it a free-for-all for staff? Over-pouring and unauthorized discounts can cost you thousands of dollars on a busy night.

    b. Does the POS include individual permissions control levels? Permissions flexibility is important for staff management

    c. Can the system alert you to suspicious employee activity with recorded proof to use when documenting disciplinary write-ups? This is an important protection for employers.

  • 4

    Inventory Controls

    a. Managing inventory is key to maximizing bar profitability. You need tools to easily track liquor sales, amounts and inventory on hand as both cash value and volume. Variance reporting allows you to monitor shrink and investigate losses.

    b. Integration with mechanical liquor control devices is required by some states. Even if not required, they are a powerful tool for inventory control. Is support for these devices included or is there an additional integration fee?

  • 5

    Customer Service

    a. How difficult is it to reach someone at the POS company that’s not in the sales department? How available are the service and support agents? How knowledgeable are they about the nightclub industry? If you choose a general purpose POS instead of a nightclub POS you may find it a challenge to get the answers you need.

    b. How much does the support service contract cost? Make sure to ask about consulting fees and per-incident fees. If your bartender unplugs a printer, will she be calling you or calling POS support? The best POS company will be available to your staff for these kinds of situations.

Get All the Modern Nightclub POS Features

Most nightclubs keep their POS system for at least 5 years. The last thing you want is to buy a nightclub POS system that is already outdated and missing important features you need.

The 15 most important advanced Nightclub POS features to look for

  • Split and merge tabs on the fly
  • 2-factor secure management access
  • Payroll and timecard system
  • Mobile POS tablets with EMV payment
  • Credit card payments without internet
  • Quickbooks accounting integration
  • Incremental bar-tab authorizations
  • Bar inventory management and reporting
  • User permissions with manager override tracking
  • Hand-back-the-card bar tabs
  • Liquor pour tracking systems integrations
  • Unlimited customer tracking database (CRM)
  • VIP house charge accounts
  • Suspicious activity reports
  • Membership loyalty and gift cards
Start using the most advanced night club POS today

Start using the most advanced night club POS today

Get started now with no obligation. Register to receive a personalized one-to-one product tour with a Rezku nightclub business consultant. See for yourself why nightclub owners across America are switching to the POS that delivers the most transparency, value and innovation in the industry.

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